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Regent's Park open air theatre

or what you will

William Shakespeare 

'What country, friends, is this?'

At a moonlit cafe surrounded by the sea, Olivia sings a lament to her lost brother, watched on by faded crowd.

When a shipwreck catapults Viola into their world of abandoned festivities, a web of disguise and deception begins. This new injection of life rocks this melancholic community to the core, but can she finally shake them from their languor and get the party started again?


'Innovative, funny, cheeky, camp’

Spy in the stalls


'Witty and seductive…stylish and surprisingly sexy’’

Evening Standard


‘Highly enjoyable take on the Shakespeare classic’

Time out


‘delightfully camp and queer…it’s terrific fun’

Gay Times


'An inventive gender bending celebration of love in all’ its forms’

London Theatre


‘a dignifiedly twilight world, stylish and welcoming’



'reimagines Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as the queer cavalcade it perhaps should always have been.'

Theatre Weekly

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