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The Royal Shakespeare Company


By David Edgar

In a new age of radical leftism and global politics, this new version of David Edgar’s 1983 award-winning hit play has startling parallels to the political revolution of the Millennial Generation.

Maydays tells the story of the idealistic young who came of age in 1968 and were drawn into revolutionary politics; of defection from east to west as well as from left to right. It is told through a number of interlocking stories, across three continents and 25 years of tumultuous history.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Owen Horsley's terrific five star production...."

The Guardian


"Director Owen Horsley, marshalling a superb, multi-tasking company of 10, keeps things moving with fleet-footed, period-hopping elan"

The Daily Telegraph

“...the ingenuity of Owen Horsley’s production, well served by its cast and a fluid set by Simon Wells…"


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